Gold Price in Bangalore

21 Feb 2024
₹6,220 Gram(22ct)
₹5,702 Gram(24ct)

Currently, the Gold price in Bangalore is ₹5,702 per Gram. In February of 2024, which was the last time it had changed. Additionally, we would like to provide you with the most recent Gold price changes in Bangalore city for your reference. It is important to note that the Gold.

Gold Price 22k Grams in Bangalore

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Gold Price 24k Grams in Bangalore

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Last 10 days Gold Price History in Bangalore

Date22 Carat24 Carat
2024-02-20₹57,020 (110₹62,200 (120
2024-02-19₹56,910 (180₹62,080 (190
2024-02-18₹56,730 (10₹61,890 (10
2024-02-17₹56,720 (0₹61,880 (0
2024-02-16₹56,720 (220₹61,880 (240
2024-02-15₹56,500 (170₹61,640 (190
2024-02-14₹56,330 (70₹61,450 (80
2024-02-13₹56,400 (540₹61,530 (590
2024-02-12₹56,940 (180₹62,120 (190
2024-02-11₹57,120 (0₹62,310 (0

Gold Price History in Bangalore

InfoGold Price
1st January Rate₹6,387.00
31st January Rate₹6,327.00
Highest Rate in Jan, 2024₹6,409.00
Lowest Rate in Jan, 2024₹6,262.00
Overall PerformanceFalling
% Change-0.94%
InfoGold Price
1st December Rate₹6,295.00
31st December Rate₹6,387.00
Highest Rate in Dec, 2023₹6,425.00
Lowest Rate in Dec, 2023₹6,180.00
Overall PerformanceRising
% Change1.46%
InfoGold Price
1st November Rate₹61,530.00
30th November Rate₹62,730.00
Highest Rate in Nov, 2023₹63,380.00
Lowest Rate in Nov, 2023₹60,490.00
Overall PerformanceRising
% Change1.95%
InfoGold Price
1st October Rate₹58,200.00
31st October Rate₹61,850.00
Highest Rate in Oct, 2023₹62,630.00
Lowest Rate in Oct, 2023₹57,160.00
Overall PerformanceRising
% Change6.27%
InfoGold Price
1st September Rate₹60,050.00
30th September Rate₹58,200.00
Highest Rate in Sep, 2023₹60,320.00
Lowest Rate in Sep, 2023₹58,200.00
Overall PerformanceFalling
% Change-3.08%
InfoGold Price
1st August Rate₹60,440.00
31st August Rate₹60,160.00
Highest Rate in Aug, 2023₹60,440.00
Lowest Rate in Aug, 2023₹59,020.00
Overall PerformanceFalling
% Change-0.46%
InfoGold Price
1st July Rate₹59,070.00
31st July Rate₹60,410.00
Highest Rate in Jul, 2023₹60,750.00
Lowest Rate in Jul, 2023₹58,960.00
Overall PerformanceRising
% Change2.27%
InfoGold Price
1st June Rate₹60,810.00
30th June Rate₹58,850.00
Highest Rate in Jun, 2023₹61,150.00
Lowest Rate in Jun, 2023₹58,750.00
Overall PerformanceFalling
% Change-3.22%
InfoGold Price
1st May Rate₹60,810.00
31st May Rate₹60,980.00
Highest Rate in May, 2023₹62,450.00
Lowest Rate in May, 2023₹60,530.00
Overall PerformanceRising
% Change0.28%
InfoGold Price
1st April Rate₹60,050.00
30th April Rate₹60,980.00
Highest Rate in Apr, 2023₹61,850.00
Lowest Rate in Apr, 2023₹59,720.00
Overall PerformanceRising
% Change1.55%
InfoGold Price
1st March Rate₹56,340.00
31st March Rate₹60,050.00
Highest Rate in Mar, 2023₹60,370.00
Lowest Rate in Mar, 2023₹55,580.00
Overall PerformanceRising
% Change6.59%
InfoGold Price
1st February Rate₹57,870.00
28th February Rate₹56,170.00
Highest Rate in Feb, 2023₹58,510.00
Lowest Rate in Feb, 2023₹56,070.00
Overall PerformanceFalling
% Change-2.94%
InfoGold Price
1st January Rate₹55,250.00
31st January Rate₹57,330.00
Highest Rate in Jan, 2023₹57,980.00
Lowest Rate in Jan, 2023₹55,100.00
Overall PerformanceRising
% Change3.76%

What is current 22k Gold Price in Bangalore?

current Gold Price in Bangalore is ₹6,220 Per Gram

What is current 24k Gold Price in Bangalore?

current Gold Price in Bangalore is ₹5,702 Per Gram

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